LI&Co. Design Limited is a design studio with multiple disciplines, including architecture, interior architecture, and luxury retail branding. More recently, it has developed its own lines of furniture available from YILINE.

Founded in 1998, with subsequent reorganization in 2005, LI&Co. is a Hong Kong based design studio with affiliated offices in Singapore and Shanghai. Its completed and proposed projects include private houses & apartments, luxury retails & offices, restaurants & bars, museum & gallery spaces. Its portfolio of projects are mostly focused in Asia, such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand and cities in greater China including, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Macau, Taipei and Hong Kong. Its corporate clients include Blanc de Chine, Puyi Optical, Marguerite Lee, The Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, The Hong Kong Museum of History and The Shangri-La Hotel, etc.

With its primary focus on client understanding and fulfillment, LI&Co. employs computer-aided designs as well as hand sketches and paper models to define clients’ needs and wishes.

h301 PMQ, 35 aberdeen street, central , hong kong

t: (852) 2526-8326
f: (852) 2234-9139

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